We have 5 fully equipped Recording Studios designed to provide the best practical knowledge and expertise for our students. These are fully operational Professional studios frequented for work by the Film and Music Industry. The studios cover every aspect of Sound Engineering:

  1. Music Recording Studio
  2. Dialogue Dubbing Studio
  3. Effects and Foley Recording Studio
  4. Final Film Mix Studio
  5. Students Studio

SoundideaZ Academy is the ONLY Academy in the Country offering these Professional Studios to its students. Our students will have the opportunity to understand the working of the biggest recording sessions with the artists’ prior permission.

Virtual Tour of Studios

Music Recording Studio

Dialogue Dubbing Studio 1

Dialogue Dubbing Studio 2

Effects & Foley Recording Studio

Final Film Mix Studio

Students Lab

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Various Studios & Labs

Music Recording Studio

Studio boasts of the Best in Class Acoustic Design by the recording architecture from UK. This is where Music recording sessions are conducted, ranging from songs to Background Score. The Musician hall can accommodate a wide range of musicians ranging from Rhythm sections to silky sounding Strings section. Equipment : The best of both worlds!!! Complete Analog signal path culminating into the World Standard Pro tools HD Workstation.

Pro tools 10 HD with 3 HD DSP Cards
Apple Mac Pro
Waves Mercury Bundle
Mixing Console
SSL G4000+ Analogue Mixing Desk
Mic Pre :
Drawmer 1960
Neve 1073LB Mono Mic Pre
Shadow hills  Mono Gama
Drawmer 1960
Neve  2264ALB
Neve 1073LB EQ
Harrison EQ  Great river
Chandler Little Devil
Genelec 1030 Active Near Field
Yamaha NS10 Passive Near Field
Sonodyne SM3200 Active Mid Field
Genelec 1092A Active Subwoofer for near field
Genelec 7070A Active Subwoofer for mid field
Telefunken  AR 51, ELAM251
Manley Reference Cardioid Mic
Neumann U87s, U89s, TLM103s, TLM67s
SE Electronics SE 2000, Gemini 5
Sennheiser MD421s
Bruel & Kjaer 4011
Schoeps CMC5 Matched Pair
AKG – C414s Matched Pairs, D112s, C1000s
Rode  NT4s, NT2s
Groove Tubes GT55
Audio Technica ATM350s
Shure SM58s, SM57s

Dialogue Dubbing Studio

The dialogue dub studio, is the starting place for the Audio post of a film. All leading film stars prefer this studio for dialogue dubbing. EQUIPMENT:

Pro Tools 11
UAD Apollo 8
Apple Mac Pro
Mixing Console
Yamaha O2R
Mic Pres
Avalon VT737
UAD 4-710D
ART pro channel
Neumann U 87 & M147
Telefunken AR 51
Genelec 8040 Monitors.

Effects and Foley Recording Studio

The heart of sound design for films are its Sound Effects! SoundideaZ Studio boasts of the best Sound Room for Foley effects. The studio designing comprises of different kind of flooring for creating floor unique footsteps….! Several props for creating effects such as opening or closing of a door or window are installed here. Pits for creating special sounds can be seen here. A bank of stock and ambience effects is the heart of this studio. We also specialize in recording effects at real locations in Auro 3D 11.1 Native Format.

Pro Tools 10
Digidesign 003 Audio Interface
Apple Mac Pro
AKG C414
Genelec 8030 Monitors.

Final Film Mix Studio

This State of the Art Mix theatre is designed as per Recording architecture. First studio in Mumbai to be equipped with Auro 3D 11.1 Sound system. EQUIPMENT: AMS Neve DFC Gemini Film Mixing Console                 Avid Pro tools HD 11                 SSL HD Madi                 Barco AP24 Processor                 Auro 3D 11.1 Monitoring System                 Theater Speaker Configurations                 Panasonic HD Projection http://www.auro-3d.com/press/2014/10/soundideaz-studios-in-mumbai-gets-auro-3d-mixing-capabilities/  

Students Studio

A dedicated Studio for Students to hone their skills. They may book the place at various time slots and learn under the Faculty guidance while working on their projects.

Seminar Hall

Huge seminar room doubling as a library is open for students where Guest lectures, Product demos, Professional Presentations are conducted for the students. The library is equipped with books for Audio and Media.  Students can sit here and explore these books and increase their knowledge quotient. A wide range of audio equipment from the yesteryears is displayed here for the students to see and feel it. We also conduct seminars by international artists via Video conferencing.

Students Lab

The student Lab is equipped with Apple Mac Mini Computers loaded with Pro – tools 12 with Avid bundled Plugins. We have created several assignments for students which equip the students with the fundamentals of DAW. Though Pro – tools is the primary software that they work on they also get an understanding of Logic, Abelton and several other software.

Class Rooms

Two classrooms equipped with Projectors and Apple computers  enable  students to see what they are taught. We use videos and films for the students to reinforce each topic. We have a collection of wide range of Videos and films for the students.


An open area garden canteen for the staff and students, a space to relax and grab a bite. This area also doubles up as a performance area where our musically inclined students jam up to showcase their talent…! Live sound students also get to use this area to learn live sound reinforcement.

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