Course overview:

India is booming in The Business of Entertainment. Every City In the country is coming up with there own Production studios. Every musician can now dream of producing his own track and album. Every band wants to record their own compositions and also perform them Live. The technology has put the creative tools in every ones lap. What is needed with this is the skillset to use the technology. For ages Mixing and Mastering has been considered as a secretive art. A budding musician who produces his tracks on his laptop eventually ends up feeling, why does it not sound right?? What Plugins Do I need??? Do I need to Buy Analog Gear??? Very few of them identify the need of Learning. Mixing and Mastering Is An Art Which Is to be Honed. You cannot replace the Mix Engineer with a Plugin!! At SoundIdeaz we will teach you the Fundamentals of Mixing and Mastering which will help you in mixing effortlessly.


  • Completion of  Diploma in sound engineering with Music production Specialisation
  •  OR
  • Minimum Working Experience of 2 years
  • Entrance Exam & Interview


  • 6 Months. Of 3 days/week


          Music Mixing & Mastering Advanced Module

  • Spend 2 Months in A Professional recording studio for exploring real time work
  • Fundamentals of mixing
  • Art of balancing just on faders
  • Learning the analysis of tracks
  • Equalizing a track
  • Dynamic processing
  • Image processing
  • Effects processing
  • Automation
  • Mixing on SSL 400 G Plus
  • Mixing from Studer 2 “ Analogue Tape
  • Mixing in the Box
  • Master
  • Mastering with software
  • Mastering with Hardware

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