Course overview:

In recent years the standard of movie sound has considerably improved because of the rapid advancement in Audio Post-Production. As a result of this, Audio Post-Production Studios have upgraded their inventory to the latest Cinema Audio Technology like Immersive Sound due to the new upcoming demand for more advanced Surround Sound delivery formats (7.1 Dolby Atmos and 11.1 Auro 3D) . Eventually, the major boom in the Cinema Sound industry in India has also resulted in an upgrade in Surround Sound Mixing Techniques.
Audio Post-Production Studios in India are in the need of trained Sound Engineers who can handle their inventory and get creative with their film mix. This helps the studios to deliver an immersive audio experience to the movie buffs who like being at the edge of their seats.  Every film mix or recording needs such a Sound Engineer to create the desired impact of the visuals using his/her understanding of Surround Sound Mixing in Immersive Audio Formats.
Soundideaz Academy has created an advanced course for Audio Post-Production. The course is designed for professionals looking to thrive in the Cinema Sound Industry.Learn the secret behind 3D Sound Effects of blockbuster movies.
Master the art of Surround Sound Mixing and learn on the job with the best Sound Designers in the industry.


  • Completion of Diploma in Sound Engineering with Audio Post-Production Specialization.
  • OR
  • Minimum Working Experience of 2 years
  • Entrance Exam & Interview


  • 6 Months. Of 3 days/week


Surround Mixing in Immersive Format (3D) Advanced Module
  • Working in Post studios for 3 months.
  • Understanding Surround formats
  • Bussing in surround
  • Balancing for effects tracks
  • Importance of dialogue
  • Sound for film basics
  • Sync sound cleaning tracks
  • Analysis of film sound tracks
  • Premixing
  • Final Mixing
  • Immersive sound formats
  • Dolby Atmos & Auro 3 D placements
  • Dolby Atmos & Auro 3 D mixing.


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