Course overview:

In recent years the change in Audio Post-Production has been at a rapid pace. Audio Post-Production Studios have upgraded their inventory to latest technological systems like Immersive Sound & new Surround Delivery Formats . The Major boom in the Cinema Sound industry in India has resulted in an upgrade in the Audio Post-Production Techniques.
Audio Post-Production Studios in India are in the need of trained Sound Engineers who can handle their inventory and steer their business on the right path. Every mix or recording needs a trustworthy Sound Engineer to create the desired impact of the visuals.
Soundideaz Academy has created a course for Audio Post-Production. The course is designed keeping practical applications in mind.


  • Passion for music
  • HSC in any stream (Negotiable)


  • 1 Year
  •  Days Diploma Lectures + 4th Day Audio Post-Production Lecture per week


 Diploma in Sound Engineering Syllabus 
Audio Post-Production 
  • Understanding Audio For Film
  • Synchronization
  • Time code
  • Video Formats
  • Film Makers Perspective
  • Understanding Camera Positions with Audio Perspective
  • Audio Performance 
  • Process of film Making Production & Post.
  • Sync Sound
  • Sound Report
  • Cleaning Of Sound Tracks.
  • Microphones & Applications
  • Broadcast Sound
  • Sync Sound Recorders
  • Synchronization with Camera
  • Editing of a Film & Sound
  • ADR or Dialogue Dubbing
  • Dub Matching
  • Ambience Effects
  • Stock Effects
  • Foley Effects
  • Sound For Television
  • Sound On Internet
  • Surround Delivery Formats
  • Theater playback
  • Prepping a Session for Mix
  • Film Mixing
  • Stereo mixing & Surround Mixing.
  • Immersive Sound.

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