Course overview:

Sound Engineering Courses in India Introduced by soundideaz with a motive to garner respect and status for every Sound Engineer in this industry by empowering our students with the comprehensive knowledge, hands-on training, and positivity.

In recent years the change in Sound Engineering has been at a rapid pace. Home studios and small mix rooms have replaced professional recording studios. The digital revolution has made Audio workstations available for home Computers. Budding musicians are struggling to understand why there song does not sound like some professional Masters… even though they are using the same software’s and plugins.

Soundideaz Academy has created Sound Engineering courses in India for such budding Engineers and Musicians.It has been designed keeping practical application in mind. The Basic Course is a perfect base for the students to understand the fundamentals of sound. These fundamentals will create a solid base for launching their career in Audio & Music. Students will be introduced to all major aspects of professional sound engineering including Live Sound, Sound design, Music Recording, Sound for Films, Foley Recording, Dubbing, Mixing Music & Mixing For Films.



  • Passion for Sound
  • HSC in any stream


  • One-year 
  • 3 Days a week & 3 Hours a day

Fundamentals of Sound Engineering
  • Understanding Post Production Audio
  • Understanding Music Recording
  • Understanding Music Production
  • Understanding Live Sound
  • Physics of sound
  • Ear Construction
  • Fletcher Munson Curve
  • Amplitude & Frequency
  • Electricity
  • Loudspeakers
  • Microphones
  • Equalizers
  • Compressors
  • Basic Acoustics
  • Consoles Basics
  • Digital Theory
  • Digital Consoles
  • Analog recorders
  • Digital recorders
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Sound Cards
  • Networking Basics
  • Music Theory
  • PD Modules
Music Recording 
  • History of Music Recording
  • DAW Fundamentals
  • Pro tools Configurations
  • Audio Interface & Sound Cards
  • Pro tools Menus
  • Music Editing
  • Music Recording on Analog Tape
  • SSL Consoles for Music recording
  • Practical Rhythm recording
  • Practical Drums Recording
  • Song recording by students
  • Mixing Techniques
  • Midi 
  • Automation
  • Use Of Processing
  • Plugin Types And Usage
  • Mastering Basics
  • Studio Etiquettes & Studio management