What is Sound Engineering?

Recording, Processing, Amplifying naturally created sound & /or Creating sound. The technique / art and physics involved for the same comes in the scope of Sound Engineering.

Is Sound Engineering available for graduation or diploma in any Engineering college?

No. As of now in India this is not available as a degree course in any Engineering college.

Where does a Sound Engineer work?

A Sound Engineer can work both Indoors or Outdoors. Indoor aspect is when you work inside a Recording Studio. Outdoor is Live Sound Reinforcement at Events. It depends on the chosen specialization.

Why is it said that it is an Art not Science?

It’s a combination of art and science. Perception matters here. We would say that it’s more of art and less of science. It can be compared to a musician or a photographer. Even if you might be a Visharad in Hindustani classical music, still you might not be capable to perform like Pandit Bhimsen Joshi!

You might love A.R Rahman’s music but not all his songs. If it was just science there would be fixed formulas.

Everyone knows how to click pictures, but you still need a good photographer to click good pictures.

Is it true that work schedules are crazy in this profession?

Yes, in today’s time, which one does not? Anyway, since we are dealing with entertainment industry, our schedules differ from others. We do work late nights and odd hours. We might miss major family events for work! However, we choose it and we manage it well!

What are the job prospects or a sound engineer?

With number of existing and upcoming TV channels, number of Radio channels, close to 400 Bollywood movies, large number of Regional movies, Music Concerts, Events, the scope is immense !! All these fields demand good Sound Engineers.

But do keep in mind that you might secure a job with our certificate but to retain the job, skill is required. Most of places do not even look for certificates, they are just interested in the skill set.

Will this diploma be enough for me to get a job?

As in any Artistic Profession, skills are more important than your degree. The SoundideaZ Academy Diploma is a proof that you have the required skill set to join the industry.

Should I learn Sound Engineering in India or in West?

The answer to this is very personal. A few pointers to make a decision.

Cost Analysis
Lowest fees for a world class training.Living cost in another country with traveling and food is a major aspect to be considered.

Course :
Well defined International grade syllabus with Indian sensibilities.

Job Prospects
Indian market is booming and International players are entering the market. Hence learning skills applicable in India is definitely a Smart Decision.

Soundideaz Academy has tremendous goodwill in the industry and students benefit from the same at every step.

What is the income of a Sound Engineer?

Starting from Rs. 5000/- Month to Rs 500,000/- per month. Depending on the skill set.

What is the duration of the courses?

Our different courses have different durations. Please refer to the course modules for details.

What is the qualification required for joining the Diploma Course?

Minimum of 10 + 2 in any field/subject/faculty, coupled with great passion for this field. Right to admission rests solely at the discretion of the management and is based on personal interview.

Do you accept International Students?

Yes. However, the responsibility for completing all the formalities required by the Government of India to procure a valid visa for the duration of the course, rests with the student.

Please contact the admissions counselor for details on info@soundideazacademy.com

Who are the faculties With SIA?

Faculties at SIA walk the extra mile to share real world experiences with the students. It is like actually doing an internship with each of them for a span of one year.

Do you Provide outstation students with boarding and lodging facilities?

Hostel facility not available but we provide assistance for arranging staying facility.

Do you provide any Scholarship?

No Scholarships as of now.

Can we get loan facilities?

Yes. We have tied up with Greater Bank, Mumbai for providing Education Loan facility. For details you may write to info@soundideazacademy.com

Are there any additional hidden costs while doing course?

No hidden costs.

Do SIA have any affiliation?

SoundideaZ Academy is conducting an autonomous course. We are affiliated to the Industry not any other Institute.

Is SIA Certificate Recognized?

Yes. Our certificate is recognized by the Industry.

Can I get my Admission cancelled and get the refund once I have paid the fees?

No cancellation once the admission is secured and payment made but if due to any unforeseen circumstances the student is unable to attend the Batch then we can accommodate him / her in the next batch. Right of decision rest with the Management for such cases.

How much Theory & Practical are covered in this course?

Please refer to Course detail page for the same or contact the counselor for further assistance

When can we use the Studio?

After completion of specific modules students will be introduced to the studio with assignments and practicals. We have a well-equipped dedicated studio for the students, which is available to them. Details and conditions of studio use will be updated to you during admissions.

Will I Get placement on Completion of the Course?

We guarantee you placement assistance. Till date we have 90 % placement record. A student has to perform to get a good job. No certificate can replace skills and knowledge.

What is the medium of instruction? What if English is not my first language?

Primary medium is English. However, we do support students in Hindi who are not comfortable with English.

Is there any Internship guaranteed?

We support and encourage the students to get the best from the course. We do provide internship opportunities to qualifying students.

Does SIA offer Short term Courses?

Please refer to Course detail page for the same or contact the counselor for further assistance.