At SIA, Our strength lies in our unique approach. Our touch and input from the industry, Nationally / Internationally is immense and we have combined the best and the most practical elements from the music recording courses offered in Europe and America to create an unparalleled program keeping in mind the indigenous Indian style of working. Our teaching is practical and it allows you to identify and apply your own skills /creativity, enabling you to leave your mark (out there) in the real World.


“What makes us stand out is our clear vision to garner respect and status for every Sound Engineer in this industry by empowering him / her with comprehensive knowledge, hands – on training and positivity. We are also passionately committed to improve, nurture, polish and hone the art of Sound Engineering by providing every student a wealth of technical information and creative aesthetics to make them a complete, confident and positive Sound Professional.”


Our vision has continued to grow with every passing year and we have been achieving our goals. We aim to provide a broad and balanced International Curriculum and a rich and stimulating learning environment for a rounded growth of the students.”


Besides certification, SoundideaZ Academys’ goal is to get you hired in the right place. We achieve this by focusing on what is required for the student to learn and make himself / herself capable and marketable to the Audio and Music industry.”


“ The year started with a major Fire in the Studio and Academy and it showed us that we all possess an immense fighting spirit. We struggled as the place was brought down by the flames. The support of the staff and faculty made us bounce back within two months and we were back in business. The resilience shown by all was great! Never feel defeated is the motto of our Academy and we inculcate the same in our students.”


Aim to grow and become the best in the field of Sound Engineering Institutes.”

Why Choose Us

Our Graduates are contributing at the highest level in their chosen fields of Sound Engineering.

No of Graduates


No of Courses


No of Class rooms


Students per batch


Film Industry Connect

SIA provides the most conducive environment to its students to interact with the Industry professionals due to our active Studios. Students are given opportunity to attend artists recording sessions with prior permissions.

State of Art Studio Facility

5 fully equipped studios where students are able to attend and watch sessions with major Music Directors and Producers (with their prior permission).

Professional Faculty

Our faculty members are currently active industry professionals, Pramod Chandorkar being at the helm.

Personality Development

A special personality development module is part of the curriculum which is not present in any of the other institutes. The sessions equip the students for the industry and to face the world.

Individual Workstations

Individual IMAC workstations for all the students to do their practicals. This facility is not present in most of the other institutes.

Hands on Experience

Students are taken for various Studio visits as well as to Live shows and gigs to understand the working process. Minimum of 4 -5 such visits are covered in a year


Great work can only come from great partnerships. Here are just a few of our amazing clients

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