Sound Engineering Changing Scenario about Music Engineering

Today due to the major technological shift each Musician and Composer has a workstation to exercise his creativity. As he starts using them,

he starts facing problems. The technological developments were not hand in hand with the education required to use them. We are working towards filling this gap. Now each Musician using any software to create his music needs to have the knowledge of sound, as the sound has become one of the most important part of any music. To have the right sound, the education for sound is very important. Today we have students who don’t want to pursue the career of a Sound Engineer but they need to learn it to be successful as a musician or a programmer. Hence every budding musician who intends to use any software for using his creativity needs to learn Audio Engineering. Why Soundideaz Academy?  Soundideaz Academy is not just any school conducting Media Courses. We are a set of professional Sound Engineers who came together and decided to share our knowledge and experience with the next gen and facilitate them with good and quality education in Audio. We are teaching only Audio as that’s our only passion. We have a state of the art facility for the students which is by and large the only of its kind in the whole country. We strive to empower the student with knowledge and train him/her to keep learning throughout his life. The personality development module which runs parallel to the Audio classes is a must and a major hit amongst the students, it not just makes the student capable of marketing his talent but also helps him in leading a better Life in the society. Once a student enrolls with us he is with us for his life time, we encourage students to keep visiting the premises even after completion of his course. He is free to use all our facilities. All our teachers are actively working professionals in the industry, hence the students get a real world connect while learning. We plan to offer compulsory internship for two weeks for each student after completion of his course where he would be assisting a real world professional session for two weeks.

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