Mumbai’s Goregaon witnessed an evening of the musical gala on the 1 st of April 2022, when the Bollywood & Marathi film industry-based music maestros- Ajay-Atul presented their songs at an event hosted by a cultural institution named ‘Prabodhan Goregaon’. Celebrating its golden jubilee this year, the institution has been nurturing a rich cultural heritage by organizing social activities in areas of education, entertainment, sports & social work, to name a few. The audience got enchanted with the range of songs that were presented by the 3 aces of the show. Besides the genius of Ajay-Atul’s creativity, the event also featured the creativity of one of India’s best Sound Engineers, Mr. Pramod Chandorkar. Mr. Chandorkar has been working as a Sound Engineer in the Indian music industry since 1995 till date. Over the span of 3 decades, he has worked with artists like Lata Mangeshkar, Asha Bhosle & Sonu Nigam & has received the Zee Cine Award for Best Song recording in 2005 and 3 IRAA & 3 Palm live sound awards too. This visionary Sound Engineer is also the Founder-Director of SoundIdeaz Academy (SIA) & Recording Studio. The academy, established in 2010, has shaped the minds of more than 500 students who are currently contributing to the world audio industry in a qualitative manner.

The role of an expert Sound Engineer is very crucial in musical events where equally expert musicians are going to perform. Knowing this, the best of the music and sound industry artists were brought together by Prabodhan Goregaon’s musical event. The audience was heard talking about the superb quality of sound they witnessed at this event. Top of the class technology Of “L Acoustic’s “ & Avid were chosen. “We always work with the best, and there was no better than Mr. Chandorkar for this job, As he is the engineer who had mixed the majority of our music since the start of our musical journey”, says Ajay of the Ajay Atul duo. Thus with Ajay-Atul along with the genius of Pramod Chandorkar, the audience literally witnessed the creativity of these ‘3 Musketeers’ of Mumbai’s music industry with
appreciation & applause.


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