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Are you a music enthusiast trying your way to record and produce your song? Well, there are endless free tools available in the market that make it easy for you to pursue your music production dreams, without any concerns regarding the skills you possess. Although it is recommended to enroll in a reputed music production school to get professional knowledge, you can always try free VSTs to record/produce your first song as a novice.

VST is an abbreviation used for Virtual Studio Technology and is a software often used to play string libraries or effects such as reverbs, delays, and compressors. VSTs are actually made by Steinberg and the ideal name for VSTs is Virtual Instruments or Virtual Synthesisers. Formats like AU, VSTs, and AX are used by different DAWs.

Here are the top 5 free VSTs for music production that you can choose for your DAW.

  • TDR Nova

Schools offering the best music production courses in India vote for this VST. A premium parallel dynamic EQ from Tokyo Dawn Records, TDR Nova offers both parametric and dynamic equalization. It also offers advanced compression features with multi-band and wideband options.

The VST showcases 4 EQ bands along with High and low pass filters. It is very user-friendly with an interface that makes it well suited for music producers at all levels.

  • Tal Reverb 4

The level of reverb decides if your song will sound like a pro or a novice. It is important to learn how to apply reverb aptly to make the instrument sound better and more professional. Thankfully with Tal Reverb 4, you can put your worries to rest. This awesome VST works amazingly with instruments as well as vocals. The user-friendliness is beyond expectation and the results are fine-tuned.

  • Klanghelm MJUC jr.

If you are pursuing one of the music production courses in India, you must have a clear understanding of how compression plays a significant role in music production. Klanghelm MJUC jr. is a VST that allows you to best manage the level of compression and fine-tune your recorded music. You can use the knobs on the VST to adjust compression levels and manage attack and release times. If you have just enrolled in a music production school, this is the ideal VST for beginners you should try using it.

  • Helm by Matt Tytel

When it comes to GUI, Helm beats all the available VST s in the market. With a large number of features inbuilt, this software works as an amazing synthesizer as well. The VST offers you different controls including but not limited to envelopes, oscillators, stutter, and reverb. It is the best VST to try while learning advanced skills in the best music production courses in India.

  • Loudmax by Thomas Mundt

Finally, Loudmax makes to the list of top 5 VSTs in the market. It is a very transparent VST to use by both novice and professionals. With great inter-sample peak detection technology and 2 control interfaces, this makes one of the leading VSTs recommended by the best music production schools.

While you continue learning the professional skills of music with the best music production courses, using these VSTs can help you make more attractive music. Pick any of the abovementioned options and get started with your first music production project.

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