Music production has seen a significant evolution in the past few decades. The biggest testimony to this fact is that Billie Eilish, a Grammy Award winner, produces her music in a simple bedroom studio with affordable and readily available instruments. Music production is no longer an elite thing and domain of the select few. Anyone can create excellent and award-winning music if they have an aptitude, Music skills and a generic computer software. Technology is making things accessible for us, and music is also touched by this technological progression. Almost all kinds of music these days are produced digitally on softwares. To add to this, the masses are also consuming music on digital platforms, which gives them access to high-quality music at your fingertips.

Now we know that every person practically has an entire music studio at their fingertips in the form of their electronic devices. Still, it is also important to understand the artistic skills required to produce music. The art of music-making or music production also involves various sound engineering skills. Anyone who wishes to master the art of music production needs to have some amount of musical aptitude. First, a person needs to get familiar with the music theory, the primary and building block of music. Then comes music production software, the fundamental aspect of audio Engineering.

The next important element is sound design—the phase where the audio is generated, presented or manipulated. The final elements are mixing and mastering, where you make sure that your sound fits together and plays evenly on all the devices. A music producer also needs to have some basic Music training to understand the music workflow.

Having both artistic and technological aspects, we can say that music can be seen as either or both. But most people nowadays are seeing music as an art rather than a scientific thing. Although the music production tools are now easily accessible, grasping the artistic side of music is still difficult. In short, we can say that the perfect combination of art and science is something that actually makes music come to life.

Music is beautiful, no doubt. So much so that there is no need to explain why it is usually linked to art. However, if you think about it from the scientific point of view, music is somehow dependent on technology, and it is continuously being improved by science. With enhancing technology and science, it is possible to improve pitch, vibrations, and other musical aspects. More and more music these days is being made entirely with the help of softwares.

To summarize, music production is a mix of both art and science. We can settle on the fact music production require an existing talent or artistic skill that can be improved with learning and using modern aspects of technology.


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