Soundideaz Academy had a Study tour to the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India (FTII) on 26th August 2022. Films & Television Institute of India is located in the core of Pune, a city 160 kms away from Mumbai. FTII is a government run educational institute that focuses on training students on film and television studies.

The information given at the FTII’s Sound, camera, set design, video edit & television departments made the students aware of the evolution of technology and creativity in Indian films and T.V world, over the years. An ex-student of FTII himself, Pradeep Routray Sir, who was Soundideaz Academy’s academic lead of the field trip, shared valuable insights and knowledge of the film, sound & music related processes that went into the making of famous films. It was a surreal feeling when all SIA students stood below the ‘wisdom tree’ to experience the vibe of the creativity that must have been churned below it by the alumni’s of the institute during their active years. It’s a fact that most students sit below the wisdom tree and brainstorm their ideas about stories, acting, set design, camera angles, production hacks etc and bring out unique solutions to execute their film and television related projects.

Talking of the take-aways of the FTII field trip? Well, like it is in any good field trip, the most important take away is always the knowledge that one seeks from getting exposed to infrastructures, people & processes that can act as potential seed to groom the soil of one’s intellect. This eventually generates fruits of original creativity to be born when one applies the acquired knowledge. Undoubtedly SIA’s FTII field trip’ 2022 has surely achieved this objective, as students not just seeked knowledge but also felt inspired by the legendary work of ex-FTII students & also the founders of Prabhat Studios.

Writer: Ms. Shraddha Sankulkar


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