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Critically listening to a song is a job that demands great precision. Whenever you play a tune on high-quality headphones, you get to learn something new about the details. A good set of headphones reveals a lot of critical details about a tune that otherwise goes amiss when listened to through a consumer audio system. However, not all headphones are as efficient as Monitoring headphones and there are a whole lot of varieties of them available in the market. Students are taught about these headphones in premium music production courses to enhance their skills and efficiency in audio monitoring while recording music.

So, what exactly are monitoring headphones?

Monitoring headphones are also known as studio headphones and they offer a very precise sound quality. When listened to using high-quality headphones, the sound is extremely close to the original recording. It allows music producers to understand the nuances in audio very well. This is the reason experts pay a lot of attention while teaching studio headphones in sound engineering courses.

Monitoring headphones come in two styles- closed-back or open-back. While closed-back headphones offer high-end isolation, open-back headphones play sound as naturally as possible.

Although professional monitoring headphones can’t be replaced with any other headphones, there are different options available for specific monitoring. These options come for cheap and can be offered to individuals based on their job. The job of different individuals during a studio recording is explained in detail in music production courses.


You must have read under sound engineering courses that when recording a song, it is important that all the individuals involved understand the tune and identify anything that goes amiss. You may buy affordable headphones for everyone but then they should differ as per the application. For example, for drums, Acoustic isolation is of great importance. You will need tightly sealed closed-back headphones to offer the desired level of isolation for drums.

Similarly for acoustic guitars and vocals, you will need high-end open-back headphones.

Mixing and monitoring

When monitoring and mixing a song you need headphones that help you identify any problems. You need to listen to every detail and hence need high-end open-back headphones. These headphones eliminate the impact of the room offering you the precise sound of the tune.

Monitoring headphone options in the market:

  • Sennheiser HD280 Pro

One of the best sound monitoring headphones, Sennheiser HD280 Pro is a closed-end headphone that is very precise in application. It is recommended for novices of music production courses as well as professionals.

  • Focal Listen Professional

A pretty affordable choice, Focal Listen Professional is a two-in-one headphone with closed and open back applications. It has great padding and is effective in keeping outside noises at bay.

  • Beyerdynamic DT 700 PRO X

This one is an expensive choice but totally worth it. It is great for isolation and extremely comfortable at the same time. This headphone offers a 5Hz – 40kHz frequency response.

  • Audio Technica M50X

One of the best professional monitoring headphones, Audio Technica M50X is respected for its accurate audio and deep bass response. It is a closed-back headphone, made very lightweight for ease of use. It is recommended for long recording sessions as it is both premium and user-friendly.

  • M80X headphones 

The music production fraternity is talking a lot about M80X headphones. These premium headphones are large in size, covering the entire ear ensuring you do not miss any crucial details. They have a great bass line along with durable construction.

  • Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro 

Do you need zero bleeds? Beyerdynamic DT 770 pro is what you need. These closed-end headphones, are made for studio monitoring and have a nominal impedance of 5 – 35,000 Hz / 250. It can handle power up to 96 dB SPL / < 0.2 percent / 100 mW and makes an excellent headphone for studio monitoring.

Students are taught about monitoring headphones in detail under reputed sound engineering courses. You may seek as much information as possible before purchasing the right set of sound monitoring headphones for your next recording.


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