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For any budding music producer, the biggest battle is to secure a good market and clients for their music. In the world of Spotify & Pandora, often the attempts of an average artist to sell his music go in vain. But, this nowhere means that there is no hope for you. Indeed the virtual space offer artists like you to grow their business and earn lucratively. How?? Here are 8 effective ways that will help you conquer the online merchandising stores, make your immortal presence in the digital music industry and develop a never ending bond with your fans.

  • Sell through direct websites:

This one is pretty obvious but an important aspect of online music selling; you must let your fans have a direct access to your music. For this, you need to choose a website that deals with the customers directly and let them buy their favorite music. There are numerous online platforms that do this for you at present time. You can easily tie-up with some website on a commission basis and let your fans enjoy your musical creations.

  • Pre-orders:

Besides being an artist you must be a fan of some great artist as well. Now how would it feel if you get a chance to pre-book the album of your favorite artist? Yes, it will be incredible. The same rule applies to your fans too. They will be super-excited to find a chance to pre-order your upcoming albums. This will help you in making a market for your music. It will not only increase the sales but also help you create a buzz for your music as the excited fans would desperately await the release.

  • Sale-pricing:

Sale Pricing & pre-orders go hand in hand. You must offer your fans a chance to grab your music at optimum pricing, for this, you may take advantage of the holidays, special occasions, etc. Like when it is Valentine’s you may sell your love songs at 50% off. You need to be creative in doing the business. Once you are done doing this, you can have a defined fan base for all future endeavors.

  • Start Bundling:

Bundling is an ultimate solution to boost up your online sale. If you have more than one product for sale, you must bundle them together. Like buy two albums and get a discount of 10%. This way, although you make less money per album as your sale boosts you earn more profits.

  • Make a mailing list:

You must be open to newsletters. They are a great way to target your audience. Keeping your audience informed is a great way to boost your sales. You can keep a mailing list and send them invites to your sales and other marketing events.

These are some incredible ways that help you develop an online market. You can use them and make your online music selling job easy and lucrative. However, one pre-requisite to sell music online is producing excellent music records. If you are failing to do so, read The best way to record your band in a home studio and learn how to record awesome music without huge investments.

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