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Hi guys, I have been flooded with different kinds of enquiries for the courses we conduct. Though I am glad to answer all of them still the

queries made me write this for everybody interested. The most common question is placements ! Guys lets understand this part clearly. There are two ways of looking at this, one is the most widely practiced, give them assurance !

Many Institutes belonging to different kind of Industries give 100 % placement guarantee… but let’s talk just about Sound Engineering here. People take these at face value ,  the Institute does look forward to place them ,they arrange several calls , most of the guys fail at the interview level…. or may be in this industry there is nothing called as interview ! I must have taken umpteen interviews of applicants, on an average 3 interviews a week while working at different studios in my career. Unfortunately, most of them had no clue about the Industry they were entering. Rather I would say they were given or had a dreamy glamorous picture of the job after finishing the said course. After facing the interview the applicant who was expecting a handsome salary package understood that he was disillusioned.

I mentored many boys whom I found genuine and helped them get placements at the right places. The first and foremost step is to let them know the unglamorous side of this profession so the disillusion is gone right at the beginning! This is an Art where Science plays a big role! Here work speaks beyond the certificates! Knowledge is king and rest is your perseverance. Learning is constant and should never stop. We teach you the art of learning! It is important to enjoy the journey rather than to reach the destination immediately. This industry functions on word of mouth recommendations and experience of the candidate.

SoundideaZ Academy helps a student in developing his/her personality through our specific Personality Development Module. Our teachers take great pains and put in effort to teach every student on a one to one basis and that’s the reason for our small batch sizes. We take only 10 students per batch!

A leader is the one who explains complicated things in the most simplest manner…not the other way round. We believe that our Institute will succeed ONLY if our students do well once they pass out! Being genuine is a rare  quality in todays’ time !

Pramod Chandorkar

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Pramod Chandorkar

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